What Kind of Keys to Use for a Spitfire

(A List of Blanks to Make Keys for Our Cars)

Blank Brand    Code on Front    Code on back     Made For      It Works for a 

 ILCO               FC7             X86         Ford Fiesta         77-79 
 Taylor             M81G                            MG              77-79 

 ILCO               M81G            MG1             MG              77-79 

 Vicky Brit          ?               ?            Spits             64-68 

 Curtis             BL1                             ?               71-75 

   ?                 ?               ?          300ZX Turbo         77-79

 Curtis             BL72             ?               ?                79

 Cole               F77         FT6R/F81E         Fiat                72 
 Cole               MZ12           D80K           Mazda             71-74 (maybe) 

Credit for this list goes to Isaac Crow and Ron and Angie of Dalton, GA.

From Eric Yates (works for a 74)

Went to an Anderson Lock Company retail outfit, and showed them my keys. 

The blank he used to make my ignition keys is an Ilco, with these numbers stamped on it: FC7, X86. The boot lid key is a small Chrysler blank with no markings on it other than the Chrysler emblem.

Hope this helps, Eric

And this one from Bill Miller

The COLE MZ15 blank will also work for a '78 Spitfire ignition. It's made for a Mazda.

Here's one from Jay Baker

My 1980 Spit came with only one key. After searching a bit, I found a lock smith who made me a new set using these blanks; Ignition - Silca UNI19 Trunk - Silca UNI8


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