Leaking Differentials

(some possible causes and cures)

The following question was asked:

I've topped off the gear oil in the diff on my '73 Spitfire and recall a recent message regarding clearing the differential breather. How do you do that?

Get under the car, on axle stands at the back. Note, not on the axles, but the chassis. Locate the differential. Now go to the right hand side as you face forward, passanger side US, drivers UK. Now come back until you feel where it mounts to the chassis using that realy long bolt. There are two prongs which go through the bolt from the diff. You want the right hand side one! On top of this you should feel a dimple, caked in dirt and oil and stuff. This is the breather for the diff. You should be able to jiggle it with your fingers until it moves around without resistance of the muck from under the car.

You have just unblocked the breather, hopefully the oil leak will go away. It has in my car! This thing vibrates as the car is going along and keeps the breath hole clear. It's just that after 20 years, it tends to get a bit choked.


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