How to Attach the Convertible Top on Your Mk1/2

by Joe Curry

The following is a step-by-step method for installing a Mk1 or Mk2
Spitfire top.  You have to realize that with these models you don't want
to get caught out in the rain.  And when you see threatening clouds, you
will find yourself looking for the nearest overpass, or drive through
bank to stop and put up the top.

1. Insert the top bow assembly into the rounded bracket holes behind the seats  
   (on the rear inside portion of the door posts and extend the forward portion.
2. Make sure the springs are compressed and latched in that position.
3. Spread the top over the extended bow assembly and insert the flap at the
   front (that contain the metal pieces inside) under the windshield capper.
   Snap the two snaps at the sides.
4. Pull the rear until the rear brace fits over the two chrome brackets on the
   rear deck in front of the boot lid.
5. Snap all the snaps around the perimeter.
6. Snap all the snaps that attach the top to the bow assembly inside.
7. Extend the two inside side straps and attach to the snaps at the rear
   of the bow assembly.
8. Unlatch the two spring retainers and allow the springs to extend.
9. Latch the spring retainers in the fully extended position.

You are ready to (finally) drive the car with the top up.

I Hope I haven't forgotten anything.  I'd hate for your top to blow off
while you are driving down the road!

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