An Excerpt from a SAE Oil Filter Test

(what kind do you use?)

SAE Document Number: J1858

Date Published: June, 1988

Title: Full Flow Lubricating Oil Filters

Multipass Method for evaluating filtration Performance

Issuing Committee: Filter Test Methods Standards Committee


This standard establishes a multipass filtration performance test with continuous contaminant injection for lubricating oil filter elements. It also includes a procedure for determining the contaminant capacity, particulate removal characteristics, and pressure loss. It also includes a test currently applicable to lubricating oil filter elements which exhibit a 10 um filtration ratio of less than 75 and a rated flow between 4 and 600 L/min. This standard provides a test procedure which yields reproducible test data for evaluating the filtration performance of a lubricating oil filter element.

Here are the filters results:

Mobil 1: Single pass efficiency (SAE J806) of 98% vs. an 85% average for conventional filters. * Multiple pass efficiency (SAE J806) of 95% vs. an 80% average for conventional filters.

Pure One: Single Pass Test efficiency for the PureONE filter is 99.7%. Pure One captures 96% of all contaminants as measured by the Society of Automotive Engineers' (SAE) #J806 Multiple Pass Test. *

An article that I read in Grassroots Motorsports several years ago stated that the Wix filter had ~495 sq. in. of filter media, the regular Purolator had ~ 450 sq. in. and the Fram had ~200 sq. in. Needless to say, I haven't used a Fram on anything since. They're cheap, but you get what you pay for. I used Wix and Purolator for a long time but now use Pure One filters on all my vehicles. The filter number on my 1500 is PL10017, if you're interested

Here's an update on filter numbers for the Spit that was posted on 7/23/99 by Peter S

AC-Delco PF-53 (will work on all models of Spit.), PF-13 - requires an adapter
Carquest 85084 (said to be a Wix product)
Castrol PH922A (all Fram numbers should be same on Castrol filters)
Champion D102 (though not recommended)
Crossland 573, 595
Fram PH2825, PH922A, PH966B, PH16 -may be too large for later 1500's w/air pump
Fram PH8A (large can) using the oil filter adapter from MkI 1147 engines, (or non airpump 1500's?)
Motorcraft FL-2005, FL-1 (large- non-Air pump Spits only)
NAPA 551312 , Gold-1521, Gold 1374
Purolator #L10017, PER-1
WIX 51084

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