Removing the Spitfire Oil Pan with the Engine in the Car

....and you thought it was impossible!!!

Is it possible to remove the oil pan without removing the engine?

Yes, you can. But remember to rotate the crank if the front throw or counterweight is down and preventing the front of the pan from sliding back. And remember, when you reinstall, the hardest bolt is right above the frame. Make sure no gasket material is in the way of the hole. Loosely hold the pan in place with several easy bolts first. Also, DO NOT overtighten the bolts in the front and rear sealing blocks. You can strip out the holes VERY easy. See the book for locations, torque specs, and bolt lengths. If you use a bolt too short, the threads will pull right out.

Brian W. Neuschwander


One way to make this is an easy job is to install short studs in the bolt holes in the block. Loctite these in place and use nuts and lock washers to remount the pan. Not only do you lessen the chance of stripping the soft material in the block, but you have a locating set of "dowels" to guide the pan and gasket in. I actually like to replace ALL the bolts with studs whenever I can. Usually makes for easier assembly, and less stripping as well and if you do strip one, you only have to replace the stud. No drilling and tapping new threads.

Barry Schwartz (San Diego)

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