Replacing Steering Rack Bushings

submitted by James Carpenter

 After the 'U' bolts have been removed they need pushing away from each other. Hence my design. 

 1. Jack up the car, and place on axle stands. 
 2. Take 2 wood blocks 1"x 1/4" x3" and insert it in the space between the rack and chassis 
    both sides. 
 3. Take 2 wood blocks 3"x3"x1/2" with one rounded face on each side longer on one side than 
    the other. 

                                    __________   ___________ 
                                   |__________\ /___________|

 4. Insert the two square edges of the two large blocks onto the two small blocks, rounded 
    face up.
 5. Place your jack under the junction of the two pieces of wood. 
 6. Raise the jack as much as is needed to separate the rack from the chassis. You don't 
    need much. 

 Should form something like this:

                                  bush                   bush
                                  =[]===========[]=    rack
                                   []-____ ____-[]   _big block -small block
                                 *****   ___   *****  chassis
                                 *****    ^    *****

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