Re-Installing Brake Calipers Correctly

Michael L. Coop

Installing Spitfire calipers on the wrong side results in the bleed nipples being situated on the BOTTOM of the caliper. A little basic physics here... air rises in a liquid. With nipples on the bottom of the caliper, the air rises to the opposite end of the caliper from the bleed nipple. No matter how much I bleed the system, I'll never get all the air out of the top of those calipers. So, I'm continually compressing air. Hence, spongy pedal.

Conclusion: pay special attention when re-installing calipers to put them on the correct side.

Doug Braun gives a good tip:

When you need to disconnect the brake lines from the wheels (e.g. for removing a rear axle), you need a good, leakproof way to plug the brake line so it doesn't drip brake fluid all over your garage floor. Take an old brake hose and cut off the end that attaches to the brake line. Plug the hole with a nail, etc. stuck in the stump of the rubber part. Now you can screw it into the brake line in place of the working hose, and bravo! no drips. (Note that the working hose should stay attached to the wheel cylinder).

And Bill Brockschmidt adds:

I take a zip-lock bag (or any piece of thin plastic) and place over the end of the hose and simply twist the retaining nut onto the threads a couple of times.

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