Removing the Rear Wheel Assembly Without Disturbing the Brakes

by Andrew Rigsby

To get to the rear axle universal joint without completely removing it from the car, undo the flange from the differential with the 4 bolts. Remove the retainer arm bolt, bottom shock bolt, handbrake fork and rear spring bolt. Do not disturb the brake line. Ease the whole assembly out and over the chassis, then back in again, but this time with the axle under the chassis. Be careful not to stretch the brake line.

Slide the rear vertical link back where it can be attatched to the spring, and slide the bolt back in. With the car high enough, you can then pivot the whole assembly at virtually any angle, making the universal joint and the back of the wheel much easier to work on. Refitting is a reverse of removal. There should be no need at all to bleed the brakes, but check that they work!

Hope this tips is useful to someone else.

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