A Spring Checklist to Help Prepare Your Spitfire for Summer Fun

The whole reason behind having and maintaining your Spitfire properly is to enjoy it. If you don't maintain it properly, I can predict when it will break down. It will break down when you are late for an important gathering where there will be lots of fun things to do, when it is the darkest night and you are traveling alone, against your riding partners best wishes, when you have no means of communicating with the rest of the world, when the weather is the worst in recent history, when you can't remember how far it was to the last business you saw open, and when you forgot your tools, your spare parts and the batteries in the flash light are dead.

If you stored your car using the tip on winter storage found here in the Spit Garage, be sure to 
remove the mothballs from the interior and the steel wool from the tailpipe. 

Reinstall the carpeting and floor mats also.

Battery Connection: Remove cables from battery, clean battery and cable ends.

Radiator Hoses: Check for soft spots, replace hoses every two (2) years.

Coolant: Replace every two (2) years.

Fan Belts: Check for wear and adjustment, replace all  belts every two (2) years.

Fuse Connections: Remove all fuses and clean fuse block clips

Front Wheel Bearings: Clean, check for wear, repack and replace the seals.

Brake Fluid: Check level and flush/replace every two (2) years.

Front Brake Pads: Check for wear, replace as needed.

Front Brake Cylinders: Check for leaks and operation.

Rear Brake Shoes: Check for wear, replace as needed.

Rear Brake Cylinders: Check for leaks and operation.

Emergency Brake: Check for operation and adjust as needed.

Rear Seals: Check for leaks, replace as needed.

Grease Fittings: Check, clean and grease all fittings.

Front Suspension: Check tie rod ends, steering rack including boots, shocks, A arms, shocks and springs.

Front and Rear Trunions: Oil them.

Tires: Check for wear, pressure and condition. (Donít forget the spare)

Fuel Line: Check fittings, connections and replace filter every two (2) years.

Lights: Check that they all work as designed.

Transmission: Check lubricant level and seal condition.

Drive Shaft: Grease the universal joints and half shafts. 

Differential: Check lubricant level and seal condition.

Ignition System: Check points, plugs, wires, rotor button and distributor cap.

Jack and tools in the car.

For items listed above that specify a periodic maintenance or replacement, be sure to enter
the maintenance/replacement in your car's logbook. You do keep a logbook on your car, don't you?


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