Fitting a New Steering Rack

by Phil Johnson

Mike Lindsay wrote:

As part of my rebuild of a 1970 Mk III I fitted a new steering rack yesterday. A very simple job.... Some months ago I purchased a pair of solid (alloy) steering rack mounts. The original rubber mounts are not symmetrical on a plane through the u bolts. (The wider side of each mount butts against the flange and each end of the rack.)

The alloy mounts are symmetrical and are too narrow. When fitted they leave a gap of about 15mm between the side of the mount and the end of the rack.

Am I missing something here, or have I been sent the wrong mounts?

And Phil replies:

The alloy rack mounts do not butt up to the flanges on the rack. It is a case of centralising the rack and tightening up the mounts. One point to note is that there is a small hole in the rack casing (passenger side) where a nylon bush fits that stops the rack rattling. This is held in place by the rubber rack mounts, and will not be held in place by the alloy rack mounts. To stop dirt from getting into the rack, cover the hole with some tape wrapped around the rack tube. Also get the inclination of the rack with regards to the steering column correct so as not to stress the column flexible joint too much.

IMHO I prefer the polyurethene replacements for the rack and indeed all rubber bushes on the car as it gives the longetivity of solid mounts with the flexibility of rubber mounts.

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