Rebuilding the Steering U Joint

The steering u-joint on the Spitfire is held to the rack and the column with a "pinch bolt" at each end, and is internally splined. You've got to remove the bolt completely (the column and rack end have a groove cut to clear the bolt, and as long as the bolt is in place the joint can't slide off either end. You can reach the bolts by turning the steering wheel until either the bolt head or the nyloc nut is accessible.

The joint has 8 little rubber "donuts" that eventually wear out, causing the slop. The Roadster Factory used to list the rubber pieces (at something like $2 per!), don't know if they still do. My friend here in the Dallas area takes faucet washers and punches out the center hole and uses those as replacement pieces. Figure something like $.05 per washer.

Jim Gambony

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