Ten Reasons to Own a Spitfire

by Terry Thompson

10. You can buy 6 Spitfires for the price of the most inexpensive new Jaguar.

9. Convertible top helps ventilate the carbonmonoxide fumes out of the interior.

8. At least you don't drive a Hyaundai.

7. It's the only automobile with an expiration date (found on the driver's side B-post stamped on a plate with the words "Date of Manufacture" to the left of it).

6. They're biodegradable (they rust) and therefore environmentally friendly.

5. Co-workers think that naming your car is "unique". They're also non-confrontational and tend to humor you in tense situations.... just in case.

4. Car thieves tend to target cars that are reliable.

3. It's light enough that one person can push it when it breaks down (...and it will.)

2. James bond is fictional, but your car really does dispense an oil slick and smoke screen! (if your piston rings are worn).

And the number one reason to own a Triumph Spitfire...

Chicks dig 'em.

1997 baddogracing@yahoo.com

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