Bolting the Tub (BODY) to the Frame on your Spitfire

T. R. Dafforn wrote:

I am about to put the newly repaired body of my spit 1500 back on to its chassis.... Unfortunately I didn't note where the 4 big aluminium washers and rubber washers go....? Does anyone have any idea...? Also does anyone know the specifications of the bolts used between the chassis and body? I don't want to buy a full body mounting kit as I can get the bolts cheeper here.... Would stainless steel bolts and nuts be strong enough in this position?

and Chris Taylor replied,

The four aluminum washers go at the front under the firewall brackets and at the rear on the shock towers. These four locations also get a rubber washer. Two additional washers are used at the seat belt mounting points (7/16" bolt I think) beside the drive shaft. Any grade 5 bolt should be adequate for the body bolts. I bought the kit but I think I could have purchased the bolts for about a quarter of the kit price.

I don't think I'd use stainless hardware as it is not very strong, it has a tendency to spall up so badly you can't get it apart and you might run into galvanic corrosion problems with it. Just my .02 cents!!! Hope this helps and good luck

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