Removing the Tub (BODY) From Your Spitfire

Several good people on the list contributed to this tip. If you have any additional tips for the removal of the tub from a Spitfire, please email me and I'll include them (with credit to you, of course).

For info on how to bolt the tub back down to the chassis, see the tip "Bolting the Body to Your Frame".

Subject: Detaching tub Okay Spitfire fans. . . Without using too much bandwidth. . . Where can I find the steps to detach the tub from the frame? I know step one is to locate all twelve "magic" bolts, but what else needs to be disconnected? Anyone have a quick list they can share? Bryan ------------ The following answer was compiled from info by: Nick Moseley Michael Burdick Karl Theis Joe Curry John T. Blair Disconnect: There are 12 magic bolts located all through the car: Here's 4 that kinda hide: 2 - in front of the firewall 2 - on the package tray ..... Things to disconnect in the engine bay: brake lines from PDWA battery cables headlight etc. wires from the barrel connectors in the bonnet (mark them, notes on masking tape and attach the tape) wires going between sensors and front harness (temperature, oil etc) ignition wiring between coil and distributor etc. any remaining wires to wiring harness, and loop out of the way. steering column at steering rack Accelerator linkage clutch lines from clutch M/C Stuff to disconnect from the interior: transmission tunnel reverse light wiring on transmission seatbelt anchors Dash brace handbrake cable assembly Stuff to disconnect from under the rear of the car: fuel line at the tank (and plug it or empty tank, latter is preferred as that makes the tub lighter to lift) exhaust hangers Radius rods brake lines Note: Depending on how you plan to lift the tub, I also recommend removing doors and the trunk lid (also empty the trunk :) ). Webmasters Note: Better brace the tub from one side of the door opening to the other just to be sure that the tub doesn't buckle on you. That'd be a major bummer.

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