Centering the Turn Signal Cancel Cam

by Joe Curry

When installing the steering shaft, it is imperative that the cam at the end of the steering 
shaft be centered within the canceling ears of the turn signal switch.  If it is not 
located in the center when the wheels are straight, one or both of the directional 
signals will not cancel.

In order to properly install the shaft, first ensure that the wheels are in a straight line 
and install the two halves of the steering shaft together but leave the clamp loose enough 
to slide but not rotate.

Align the cancel cam so that it is directly between the two cancel ears of the turn signal 
switch.  Then slide the lower shaft into the coupler on the steering rack using care not to 
turn the shaft.

Secure the coupler bolts and inspect the cam to ensure it has not moved.  Then proceed to 
adjust the position of the upper shaft so the end is below the horn ring but still within 
the turn signal switch ears.  When it is properly adjusted, tighten the clamp that secures 
the two halves.

Operate the vehicle to ensure proper operation of the turn signals and horn circuits. If the 
horn operates intermittently without actuating the horn button, it probably means that the 
shaft needs to be readjusted.

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