Adjusting the Valves on Your Spitfire

by Ted Schumacher and Joe Curry

Set the valves at .012" cold. It is beter to set them a little loose and have a small amount of noise than to set them too tight and burn the valves. Place the car in gear and rock it forward pushing on one of the front tires. Watch the valves open and close as you roll the car. When the rocker does not move, that valve is ready to adjust.

Actually, the best method is called the Rule of 9. Roll the car forward (do not bump the engine over with the starter). When any valve is fully open (rocker down), you can subtract the number of that valve from 9 and adjust the valve that is the result. For example, if valve 8 is open, subtract 8 from 9. The result is 1, therefore number 1 valve is adjusted.

It works the same way for all 8 valves.

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