What Size Wheel and Tires Can You Use on Your Spit?

by several Spitheads

Nick Moseley wrote:

I am running 205 60 R13 s on a set of standard 76 Spit rims. They've been on more than one of my cars, the bodies were not "adjusted", no rubbing, no problems.

Joe Curry then asked:

I would think that putting that wide of a tire on a stock Spit rim would tend to make the tread round out a bit. What is your experience in that regard?

and Nick responded:

Joe, sorry but I'm not sure what you mean by rounding out. If it refers to un-even wear, then I haven't had any problem. If you are refering to the look of the tires, yes, the tyre walls are wider than the rims by about an inch on each side. They don't look round like a balloon, they come out from the rim, get almost flat, then swing back in to the tread. Tread itself is flat. They are Dunlop G/T Radial Qualifiers, and came with a Spit that I've since sold. For what its worth, they're fantastic in the dry, but get slippery when wet. As I only intend to drive the car they're on in summer, thats not much of problem, although British Columbia is known as the Wet Coast of Canada (not just the West Coast). But then, you'd know this, coming from Seattle. "Q: What time of year does it rain? A: Yes! Hope this answers your question.

someone referenced Barry Schwartz and his website with this post.

I found some posts in the triumph list archives by Barry Schwartz, saying the largest possible tire size for a Spit was 205/60/13 (with a little tweaking).

and Barry responded:

That reference was for the square tail Spitfires, and that size tire, with the correct offset and 6 inch wide Pannasports are what I have on mine. Be advised that with a round tail the rear is not quite as wide and doesn't have the clearance at the fender arches (possibly at the front as well), and may not clear as it does on the square tails - In fact my 70 GT6, which is the same as the Spitfire, body wise, has 165 R 13's (with wires) and just rubs at the rear on rare occasions. But remember, it also has a 1 inch wider track back there then the round tail Spitfires. Before plunking down your money for a set of tires (and rims?), I would mount one on a rim and check both front and rear on your car just to be sure.

and Mark Haynes posted the following:

We run 185/60x13s on the racer on 13x6 rims. We run 2 to 3 degrees of negative camber front & rear and only have interference problems on the bonnet lip. The racer is lowered to about 2" clearance, so on a road car, I don't see how there'd be any interferences. We just put on some new panasports and they're 13X6JJ. The JJ designates an offset which is compatible with the spit's suspension geometry.


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