How to Install a Windshield in Your Spitfire

Prepared by Joe Curry

Required Items: Glass, Seal, 15 feet of heavy nylon cord, petroleum jelly ,an assistant and a great deal of patience.

1. Install the seal onto the glass making sure the glass is in the correct channel. Ensure that he channel for the frame lip to in the rear of the glass, and the seam is centered at the bottom.

2. Open the channel that accepts the frame lip and lubricate it with petroleum jelly.

3. Starting at the bottom center, feed the cord into the frame lip channel of the seal and continue around until the ends overlap and at least 2 feet extend on both ends.

4. Position the pre-assembled glass/seal over the frame opening and feed the ends of the cord through and inside the car.

5. Securing the bottom end of the cord to prevent its pulling out, pull the top end straight inward perpendicular to the glass. This pulls the lip of the seal over the frame lip.

6. With the assistant holding pressure onto the glass to prevent the lip from slipping off, continue pulling the cord all the way around until the entire lip is over the frame.

7. Gently pressing the glass and moving the seal, adjust it so that it is evenly positioned around the circumference of the glass.

8. Clean the glass, seal and frame of excess petroleum jelly and go for a spin.


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