Pantheon: Norse Mythology

Frigg ("Bearer") is the second wife of Odin, and one of the foremost goddesses of Norse mythology. She is the patron of marriage and motherhood, and the goddess of love and fertility. In that aspect she shows many similarities with Freya, of whom she possibly is a different form.

She is depicted as a flaxon-haired matron dressed in the plumage of hawks and falcons. Frigg is also known as the White Lady of Midsummer.

She is the goddess who knows the fate of all men, but never unveils it. As the mother of Balder, she tried to prevent his death by extracting oaths from every object in nature, except for a sprig of mistletoe which she thought was too small to harm Balder. The treacherous god Loki made a dart from this mistletoe which was used to kill Balder. Her hall in Asgard is Fensalir ("water halls"). Frigg's messenger is Gna, who rides through the sky on the horse Hofvarpnir. In some myths she was rumored to have had love affairs with Odin's brothers and Vili.

Frigg's servants included: Aesic, Eir, Fulla, Gna, Hlin, Saga, Sjofn, Snotra, Lofn, Vara, and Vor.

Also known as: Frigga, Frija

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