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Welcome to the official website of the Society for Creative Anachronism's

Stormbringer Lives!
Shire of Narval Dorado

   Greetings, good Gentles, from the shores of our beloved Shire of Narval Dorado. Here within this site are the words and deeds of one of Trimaris' founding Shires. Having existed through the transitions of four Kingdoms, we strive to ennoble ourselves and those around us through deeds of chivalry and valour...

What is the SCA?

   The Shire of Narval Dorado is but one small part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a non-profit, educational medieval research and re-creation organization.  The Society is an international group of people of all ages who are interested in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The SCA brings forward in time the pageant and spectacle of the Middle Ages by re-creating the clothing, food, drink, pastimes, combat, and everyday life in Europe before 1600.
   Unlike many re-creation groups, such as those for the American Civil or Revolutionary Wars, the SCA does not recreate specific events or people. Each participant is free to explore whatever aspects of early life he or she finds most interesting.
   Education is the foundation of the SCA. We encourage our members to teach what they have learned to others, so as to educate others who may be like-minded in those fields. Members continually research the SCA period; sometimes examining artifacts in a museum to see how they were made, at other times pouring over manuscripts written in the Middle Ages and preserved over time. Some manuscripts have been translated into English only by SCA members; others have been published only within the Society, through newsletters, workshops, or SCA publications.
   Participation is the key to having fun. The SCA is not a play to be watched, but an experience to be enjoyed.

We have a new meeting place...

   We meet at the St. Petersburg Public Library's Main Branch (map), located at 3745 9th Av. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33713.  Meetings are held every first and third Sundays in the Library Auditorium, and is open to the general public. (This is a VERY large meeting room with all the amenities that a Seneschal could ever ask for!!!)

The meeting schedule is as follows:

1:00 PM     Fighter Practice (held behind the Library, beside the lake, on 37th Avenue.)
2:00 PM     Auditorium opens for meeting preparations.
2:30 PM     Class (varies from week to week...)
3:00 PM     Fighter Practice Ends
3:30 PM     Town Hall (general business meeting and info exchange).
5:30 PM     Auditorium closes.

Herald's Point is Back

  After a long hiatus, Herald's Point has returned.  Come and view the devices of the Gentles of Narval Dorado. 

There aren't many at this time, but as I get more they will be added.  See Herald's Point today!!!

Midsummer Knight's Dream

  Our summer event is rapidly approaching!!!  Check out the  Event Page for the dates and activites, plus maps to the site.  The schedule for the event has just been added, check it out!!!!

The "Unofficial" events calendar...

  OK, every once and a while, one must call for a "strategic withdrawal".  This is one of those times!  The calendar page now links directly to the Trimaris Website's calendar page. So now you can visit the Official events calendar. See for yourself!

  I'll be adding a new shire calendar soon, that will list meeting dates and class schedule.

Keep up with the changes with our UPDATE PAGE!!!

   With all the changes, additions and deletions that go on with a webpage, I've decide to include an UPDATE PAGE to keep the membership informed of these occurrences. But, don't let that stop you from surfin' through the site, anyway...

The flyer for the first SCA revel!!!

  We now have a scan of an original copy for the first Revel for what turned in our beloved Society for Creative Anachronism! Click on the graphic below to view a piece of your own Society's history.  (For clarity's sake, it is a large graphic, so give it time to download...)

All officers can be contacted by writing to:
The Shire of Narval Dorado
c/o Tamzin Squire
PO. Box 20862
St. Petersburg, FL 33742-0862
(or call 727-524-8954)

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