Flea Beacon


Welcome to the Official Flea Beacon Home Page! As you may have already noticed, this sight is under construction and still has a long way to go before becoming anywhere near completion.

A decent amount of the links in the Menu Bar are still down, but the page is becoming more and more complete with each passing day. To find out what pages are up and what are not you can click the News link.

Within a little amount of time, this will be your one stop shop for all the Flea Beacon information you need. Whether you are curious about Flea Beacon stories of the past or new comics and movies in the horizon, this place will be your hook up. Don't be too surprised to see a vast array of contests, give-aways, interviews and what not in the very near future.

With the recent announcement of the Flea Beacon V movie(pronounced 'Beacon 5', not 'Beacon Vee') you can bet that exciting news will be arriving by the truckloads(?) in the immediate future.

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