Fables of The Self

An Error

A knock; and an enquiry:
"Has a life slipped in here?"

Of whom or of what she
might be afraid to enter like a thief?
Moreover, I did not see anyone leave;
life was in my house all the time,
from eternity.

'We come from Death Squad;
the census shows one missing,
one unaccounted life;
the figures do not tally.'

'You must be a new recruit,'
I replied. 'That's no error;
life is always one plus
in His way of distribution.'

Sun's Safari

Rising in the morn,
reaching the noon glory,
O sun, towards the evening
why do you end your safari?

Have you lost anything
that you cannot find,
eon after eon, even
with your powerful shine?

Or, do you come
to lend your light to us,
engaged as we are
in search of our lost identity?

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Painful Association

I've stopped going to sea shore,
once my joy;
not that I've grown old
(that may be one factor, I do not deny)
but because I cannot tolerate
the compulsive to and fro
movements of the waves;
the tiredness
that does not culminate in death;
no respite, no end.
And of late
I've accepted the concept of death.



The wise man says:
be a witness to the happenings;
I wish I were blind.

The wind kept
heart aglow,
cold though.

one can never trample
one's footsteps;
they become property of Time.

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