Meet Webgrrl!
Meet Webgrrl!

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November 28th
I was born! Visit the 112851 web page created for everyone with that birthday.
Meet all of my "Birthday Twins" - especially my friend Mimi!

button 9 to 5 (or 7 - 3:30) - Technical Writer for
Stuff I get paid to do:
I write and edit documents/procedures/manuals, develop Help files and generally translate programmer-speak into real english. I am developing a documentation plan for the company - including a site on the Intranet. I also help troubleshoot and solve problems. Etc., etc., etc.!!!

button Writing eBooks and ePublishing
Have you ever wanted to be a published author?
I have. With the invention of the eBook and the explosive ePublishing that's going on , that dream has come true for me. I just finished an article on eCommerce and how to make your business prosper and I am currently writing an 18th century novel. 

Do you want to know more? Visit my eBooks & ePublishing page.

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Scottish Clan History
I like to research the history and art of early Scotland and that of my Clans - Clan Gregor and Clan Buchan. I am the editor of the Pacific Northwest Clan Gregor quarterly newsletter and the webmaster of the Clan Gregor website. I am just getting started learning about my new-found Clan, the Buchans. It's a very small Clan so finding information is a real challenge. The Clan Buchan webmaster, on the East coast, and I, on the West coast, keep in frequent contact through the magic of e-mail (much better than using signal fires, eh Narda?).
I try to go to all the local Highland Games where I can find those hard-to-find reference books, listen to the pipers and drummers, and get immersed in the 'spirit of the Highlands'. (I also go there to have fun - the Ceilidh at Skagit River Brewing in July '97 was a most awesome party!!)
Web Page Design
I have my own freelance company - NWJ Designs - and I do pages for non-profit organizations, clubs, and small businesses. I keep my prices low so anyone can afford to have a web presence.
Raising Hedgehogs
Ginger Snap came to live with me in June 1997 at 6 weeks old. She has grown to almost 3 times her original itty bitty size!
I am learning a lot about Hedgies. I visited the Western Washington State Fair and met Sharon Massena of Hedgehogs Northwest and the International Hedgehog Fanciers Society (IHFS). They had a Hedgehog show in October 1997 and I entered Ginger Snap. She was a prize winner! It turns out that her color is "Chocolate Chip" and she won 2nd place in the Junior (under 1 year old) females in her color/category. Way to go Ginger!
In November 1997, 1 year old Buckito came to stay. He came from a friend of mine at work.
At the March 1998 show Ginger Snap placed 2nd.
In March 1999 Ginger Snap took all the prizes and was Best of Show! Woo hoo! She has since retired from shows.
My current favorite author is Diana Gabaldon. Could it be because she writes about the fictional Scottish Highlander Jamie Fraser and his wife Claire in the days of the Jacobite Uprisings (1700s)? I finished the 4th book in the series and I can't wait for the 5th (in 2001).
Needlework Design
I have been doing Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Petitpoint, and even some teddy bears since I was a teenager ( a loonnngggg time ago!). I have a cross stitch pattern making program for the PC that sure saves time! No more colored pencils and graph paper!

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