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Please visit the other related pages on this site. The information contained here is as accurate as possible. If you have additional information, please forward it to ^^Wav Master~~. Thanks.
For information on how the child support system works in your State, contact your State Office of CSE.

A Public Service Page by: ^^Wav Master~~

Let's put DEAD BEAT Parents in their place,
Behind Bars!
"PAY UP" or "LOCK UP", It's that simple.

Most Wanted Listings: Links to DeadBeats Listed on State's Most Wanted Lists
Dead Beats of America: Listings and Photos of DeadBeat Parents (Submission Form)
Child Support Agencies Listings: Federal Offices of Child Support Enforcement (by State & Region)
Child Support Statistics & Interesting Facts about Child Support, Including new laws and bills
Private Agencies Section: Private Assistance and Information Organizations
Child Support Survey: My own private survey about CSE issues (Latest Results)
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Homepage'' and thanks for coming, I welcome your Comments and Suggestions

The listings on these pages are as up to date and accurate as possible. If your state's agency does not have a Web Site, I
encourage you to contact the agency and request that one is posted. I have included adresses to the CSE Offices in all 50
States, The District of Columbia and United States Territories along with listed phone, fax and toll free numbers. Additional
information, for those States was either not availible or not found.
The links on this page are updated monthly, or whenever a significant amount of additional information is found or made
I encourage you get involved with this issue, it cost us all. Additional information and statistics are planned for this site in
the future; but, I do need your feedback and support. This section is dedicated to custodial parents who, like myself, are
frustrated with a system that has seemingly forgotten them.
If you have additional information you would like to contribute, please forward it to my
email address. I would appreciate
any additional information concerning the subject of Child Support Enforcement. I also operate a site dedicated to posting
Deadbeat parents who have elected to ignore the rights of thier children. Child support wont replace the absence of a
non-custodial parent, but it can help in clothe, educate and feed them until they reach adulthood.

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