Originally, 2260 Confederate prisoners of war were buried at Camp Chase Cemetery. It is to these men,that made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause they believed in, and their honored memory, that I humbly dedicate these pages.
May we never forget them!

Boulder and Memorial Arch at Camp Chase Cemetery

    True to the South, they offered free from stain
    Courage and faith; vain faith and courage vain.
    For her they threw lands, honors, wealth away;
    And one more hope that was more prized than they.
    For her they languished in a foreign clime,
    Gray-haired with sorrow in their manhood's prime;
    Beheld each night their homes in fervered sleep,
    Each morning started from their dreams to weep;
    Till God, who saw them tried too sorely, gave
    The resting place they asked - an early grave.
    Oh, then,
    Forget all feuds, and shed one manly tear
    O'er Southern dust - for broken hearts lie here.

~Columbus (Ohio) Press-Post~


Help Bring to Light a Crime
Committed in 1864

Please visit here first , especially if you had an ancestor in the 1st Conf. Inf., 1st FLA Cav., 1st GA Inf., 16th LA Inf., 23rd/33rd TN Inf., 34th VA Cav., 45th VA Cav., or 59th GA Inf.

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~ The Camp Chase Chronicles, 1861-1866 & After~
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~ Their Story ~
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Faces ~ Prisoners of War at Camp Chase ~
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This song is dedicated to Colonel Hawkins of the 11th TN Cavalry Battalion who wrote "The Bonnie White Flag" while a prisoner at Camp Chase. It was sung to the tune of the "Bonnie Blue Flag". Click here to read more about Colonel Hawkins.

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