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¡No señora! La Policía y el fiscal nada tienen que buscar en la cama de ningún boricua.

Por eso creo que deben eliminarse del Código Penal las disposiciones que configuran los delitos ‘contra natura’.  Si la búsqueda del placer es equivalente al ‘pursuit of happiness’ de Jefferson, entonces, no puede ser ‘contra natura’ el comportamiento sexual fundamentado en el placer.

Mayra Montero

Welcome to the Cornershag, our motto is Truth, Social Justice, and Irreverence. Enjoy your visit.

Writings by Carmelo

Carmelo Ruiz Marrero is a very talented essayist dedicated to the cause of saving the planet. His past insight into the workings of Enron forewarned of the thunderstorm that was to come. His database is organized thematically.

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Writings by Pepo

Trained as a political scientist and public administrator my writings inevitably are inserted within those two parameters. They also reflect my passion for life, my principles as a true believer of peace achievable through social justice, and my strong endeavor to ridicule those who arrogantly retain knowledge for themselves in the hopes that it will give them absolute power over their equals.

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A library of essential writings featuring early contributions to 'El Rincón'.  Some of the finest writers the academic and journalistic presses have to offer enrich the pages of our 'Cornershag'. They will make us think twice about the world and the conventional realities we live in. ‘Text’ is organized thematically and, where necessary, by author.

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