The Perverse Effects of Unregulated Capitalism


Ever since the implosion of Enron's finances every major news organization and analyst has asked him or herself: what happened?  U.S. Congress Committees have probably answered this question plus the 'how', 'why' and for 'how long'.  It's pretty obvious who did it, even more so who was affected.  And through all the 'awe' and 'consternation' I kept thinking how easily people forget that money is power and power corrupts.  Whenever a period of prosperity arises no one really cares unitil the bubbles burst or the numbers don't add up.

Carmelo foresaw the corrupt behavior of Enron through his writings.  Even before the notorious financial scandal Enron was profiting by contaminating our planet.  The following is a sample of Carmelo's finest writing on the subject. Unfortunately for our English-speaking readers some of these articles are in Spanish and no translation is available. All pieces, though, are described by a brief summary.
World Trade Organization conference report
Enron: Energía sucia y negocios turbios
Los desmadres de Enron

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