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This page is dedicated to our Mums: Featherhill Fanny and Jean's Butterscotch Carmel. Also all responsible, loving, and caring pet owners and caregivers everywhere.

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1. You must have a pet related site.
2. It must be pet and family friendly.
3. It should not just be a list of links
4. You MUST sign our guestbook so we know you have been to visit.
5. Send an e-mail to us with the words Cabin Petsí Award in the
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Boomer J. Foxworthy and Lady Susitna


Peke Avenue. Our good friend Ms Editor's loveable Pekes, and home of Brandi, a member of the Petsburgh Thespian Troup.

The Woodro Our wonderful friends and the designer of our awards!

Habitat Kids Wonderful bird pages.

Corley B. Hound A good friend and helper with the Doglovers Newsgroup.

Harraden's Habitat Our dear friend Lisa's pages.

Mr. BeagleBasset's House of Hounds. Another pup just like Boomer!!

Ernie's GRRR-Animals Lots of very interesting things.

Katie's Page A wonderful friend's pages.

Asasha, The Peke with No Eyes A wonderful story of courage and love.

WWSS - Woodro & Wendy's Syber-Shelter Learn about helping animals.

Seasons With The Animals A delightful site.

Tiny Paws A great site to visit.

Rachel's Pawfect Page. Meet a Tibetan Terrier!

Meet Joschi A wonderful dog.

Lori and The Boys Great animal lovers page.

Zoo Graphics wonderful pages of great things!

Tobybear Nice Siberian Husky to visit.


Shelby & Hunter's Pages Nice pages to visit.

Princes & Luke Dream Packer Pets.

Abby's Great Adventures.

Cat World with Kingsford & friends.

Dogs of Dayton Visit soon.

Abbi & Splash's Dog House. Visit soon.

Dobermann's Forever. Visit soon.

Oreo's Tuxedo Cat Site. Great cat site to visit.

Sir George Wonderful Pekengese site.

The Furkids Visit soon.

Buddy & Xator Woof, woof visit soon.

Geoffrey's Pages Geoffrey and his housemate Gretchen are two wonderful pets (see Gretchen's URL below.)

Gretchen Gretchen's pages are better than Geofrey's - just ask her!

Black Russian Terriers A wonderful breed we just learned about.

Ollie's great pages. Lady Susitna has found a new golden friend!

The American Terror Twins Website. Great family site!

P.A.W.S. A great rescue site! Check it out.

EXPLORE! Explore a website that explores the world in terms of animals and nature.

To let us know you want an award or just to say hello e-mail us: sjmayer@mindspring.com

We would love to hear from you. Include your homepage address and we'll stop by for a visit real soon.
If you don't leave a message when you stop by we will never know and might miss a wonderful experience and friendly visit at your pages.

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