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Hi! I'm Sugar and this page is all about me and my family and friends. My official name is Sugar n' Spice but everyone calls me Sugar for short. We all live in sunny Florida, I was born here so I am a "native". I love to go outside and run around like a crazy dog. My mom has a hard time keeping up with me sometimes. But there is just so much to see and sniff out there! Speaking of my mom let me introduce her to you now.

This is my mom and I. I think she is the GREATEST MOM in the world. Sometimes she gets a bit impatient with me when I do something wrong, but all I have to do is give her my special look and she just melts. My mom is a really special mom, she likes lots of things-arts and crafts, country music and gardening, to name a few. Visit Mom's page to learn more about my mom!

These are my friends who live with me and mom. They are both yorkies and have lived with mom for a long time before I came along. Their names are Krystal And Tiffany. I like playing with them but sometimes they don't want to play and let me know it! But we all love each other and have a great time together! Visit their page to see more about them.

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