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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
January 2009

So many things have happened this year. It's hard to believe it's 2009!

I do have unfortunate news, we had to put Coco down this summer. :,( The cancer got the best of her and she was in a lot of pain. It really stinks having to be the adult that has to make that decision. We really loved her and miss her! After a few months of looking, I did get a new dog from the shelter in December. Her name is Chai and she's a Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix. She is only 30 lbs, so is the smallest dog I have ever had. We had quite a time finding the right dog. We brought the baby with us each time to the shelter to see how the dogs reacted to the baby. Chai and Faye play so well together, and Chai is very patient with her. The baby can toddle up to her, take her bone right out of her mouth and all she does is look at her as if to say "Hey, I was chewing on that!". No barking, growling or biting! She is really a sweet dog. She even will let the baby think she's playing tug-o-war with her, but will pull the away when she's finished, then chew on it. I'll get a pic of her up as soon as I download my camera. I'm proud to say that I own my own place and I love it!! It's a 3 floor townhouse so I have the upstairs and Sharon, Matt and Faye live in the basement, we share the main floor - or should I say that the main floor is where Faye keeps her toys? heh..

What can I say about Faye? What a cutie! She's a year old now and is babbling with a few real words here & there. She is walking, and walking faster to "run", giggling the whole time. She knows what she wants and is able to communicate it by signing, pointing and utterances. At this point in time, she knows about 10 words and about 4 of 5 signs and uses them quite well. She's adorable! She also has so many toys they're taking over the living room. *sigh* We'll have to teach her how to clean up! It is so much fun watching her and Chai play. You can tell when she's excited, she will look at the dog, giggle, then steal her toy and "run" off with it. The dog will take the bait and follow her to get the toy back, but is VERY gentle with her. It's very cute. I love kids... so being a grandma is a lot of fun... but I still don't want to admit I'm old enough to be a grandma. As my father always says, if I had known that being a grandma was so much fun, I'd have done it first!

Ginny and Joey are living with my parents. Joey got a job doing security work. What a great job for a former Marine! He works odd hours, but really seems to like the job. Ginny is working at Petsmart and loving it - she is working in the grooming department and loves working with animals. The plan is for her to be trained as a groomer after she's been there 6 months. She got the job in November... so maybe in May she'll go to the training. She did find out, though, that the groomer training is at the Gainesville Petsmart - where Aunt Terry is the Vetrinarian! That should be fun. Ginny & Joey have their 2 boxers - Odin & Thor who learned how to use the invisible fence and love running around in the yard, though they don't like the cold much.

Sharon is hoping to go back to NOVA, our local community college, now that the baby is getting bigger. She wants to become a sign language interpreter, so she's taking classes toward that degree. My school system has already told her that they're in desperate need of interpreters and she'll have a job waiting when she graduates! Matt is working at a company in Manassas that fixes office printers and really likes it. It's a small company, so they are all treated like family. Sharon, Matt Faye and I are sharing my townhouse. They've been helping me to do upgrades too - we put in Pergo flooring with the help of a friend of Matt's. The other things we've done are little - I've got a new kitchen faucet, dining room light fixture and many other things. We're all getting along pretty well and it's nice to have a guy in the house that can fix things! Thanks Matt!

As for me, I'm still working in the schools as a Physical Therapist Assistant. I've been working there since 1992 and I still love my job! Where else can you say you can play with kids all day and have fun! Growing old stinks! I'm a mother-in-law and now a grandma - I'm excited about being a grandma, but not happy about being old enough to be one! I keep busy in the SCA- the Society for Creative Anachronisms, where I am learning calligraphy and archery, and I'm in a midieval choir. It's rather fun! Sharon and Matt are in the SCA with me and we're recruiting Ginny and Joey as well. Matt is a heavy arms fighter - where people wear armor and beat each other up - and he seems to enjoy it. He's trying to get Sharon & I involved as well. Sharon's being more sane and taking the calligraphy classes with me.
On our webshots page, there are pictures of some of our events.

I guess that's all for now. Visit the rest of our pages, which aren't so up to date, to see what else is going on. :)

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