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Nipper and Chamois are two exceptional dogs.
Come join in their lives via their web page.

Nipper and Chamois love to play together.
To see pictures of them at play click on their picture.

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Nipper's & Chamois' Thumbnails Page

This is Chamois

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Chamois (pronounced "Shammy") is a Samoyed - Chow mix whom we adopted from the S.P.C.A. in December 1994. She loves to run everywhere and has a fondness for chasing squirrels as well as playing with other arctic-breed dogs.

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Chamois' Thumbnails Page

This is Nipper

To see more pictures of him, click on his face.

Nipper is a Golden Retriever - Australian Shepherd mix who was adopted from the Norfolk S.P.C.A. in April 1994. He loves to play frizbee in the park and afterwards go for a swim. Nipper graduated #1 in his class at obedience training!

To see Nipper's pictures in thumbnail format, without captions, click on:
Nipper's Thumbnails Page

Nipper passed over on October 30,2006 at 3:20 in the afternoon.
He had a large mass on his spleen that had ruptured and he was bleeding internally, and there were other medical conditions that made him a very poor surgical candidate.

He left this world very peacefully, being held in the arms of his Daddy and Mommy, surrounded by great love.

He is deeply and profoundly missed.

The experience of knowing Nipper and having shared the past 12 years of my life with him, his capacity to both love so completely and to accept love the same way makes this pain of loosing him pale in comparason to All The Good we've shared through the years .

It is my Great Hope for everyone reading this page that you all get to experience such a relationship in your life, for then you will know what it means to be truely alive.

Chamois misses her mate, but is accepting his passing with grace and dignity.

Remembering Nipper

Aunt Nancy wanted a dog of her own.

After much searching Delilah the Dachshund found her!

To see the new addition to her family click on:

Cousin Delilah

Nipper and Chamois' Aunt Nancy came for a visit during the holidays.

To share their Christmas 2004 click on:

Aunt Nancy's Visit '04

Nipper will be 12 years old in 2006. Chamois will be 10. They are still happy, playful dogs, but they are slowing down.

To learn more about what you need to do for your dog as she/he ages click on:

Caring for Older Dogs

Nipper hurt his knee in March, 2001 and had to have some surgery to fix it.
To learn more about Nipper's Knee Surgery click on:

Nipper's Knee Surgery

Nipper and Chamois have many friends they enjoy playing with.
To see their pictures click on:

Nipper's & Chamois' Neighbors

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