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Guinea pigs diets usually have guinea pig pellets (you can get them at most pet stores), dandilion leaves, cucomber, parsley, yellow peppers, grass, carrots and apple cut into small peices. Never feed guinea pigs celery or lettuce!!


Guinea pigs need baths about once every three monthes. You need shampoo, a towel and a blow dryer. You turn the tap water on to room temperature and put the guinea pig under the water flow. Make sure the guinea pig is all wet, then rub the shampoo into it's fur. Then make sure you get all the soap out, but don't push or rub your pet too hard! The dry your pet off with a towel. Once most of the water is off, put your hair dryer on as low as you can and dry the rest of the water.


Guinea pigs need excercise. You should let them run around out side or inside if it's the weather's not nice, or the ground is not dry. You should let them play for about a half an hour to an hour. If you have your pet outside, it's a good idea to put a guinea pig leash on him if you have on or put the top of his cage around him.


Their cage needs to be cleaned about once every three days. To clean their cage, you need anti-bacterial soap (Mr. Clean, Pinsol ect.), a towel and more CLEAN shavings. You fill the sink up with hot water and put some of the anti-bacterial soap in. Scrub the cage. When it's clean, dry the cage off and put in clean shavings. DO NOT USE CEDAR SHAVINGS! It could kill your pet. Use pine or carefresh shavings.


1.Diarrhoea Usually caused by too much green stuff being consumed! If severe, cut back on greens, especially grass, and try arrowroot biscuits. 2.Constipation Caused funnily enough (though not for the guinea pig!) by lack of greens. Treat with plenty wet veg, or in severe cases, medicinal liquid paraffin. 3.Bumble foot Swelling in the foot and slight redness. It is not contagious but treatable with antibiotics. This is potentially a dangerous condition, so do not delay. 4.Worms Seen as white streaks in their droppings usually comes from grazing on grass. This is a case for the vet however. 5.Bladder Stones The symptoms are obvious pain on urination, probably accompanied by unusual squeaking, and arching of the back. One reason for stones developing could be lack of fluid, and not enough acid in the diet. Check if your guinea pig drinks regularly, and offer celery, beetroot, apple, but not lettuce. 6.Lice White in colour, very small, and crawl about on his fur. Treat with insecticidal shampoo from you pet store, treating every week or so until improved. If this does not help, sorry, but its a vet job again! 7.Eye problems sore, runny eyes sometimes occur particularly if the pig is kept in a draught. Treatment is usually by eye drops or ointment on prescription. 8.Dental problems A guinea pig actually has 20 teeth, and will be merely inconvenienced whilst the front ones grow in again (which seemed to happen quite rapidly) Sometimes the front teeth need to be cut, but do not attempt this unless you know what you are doing! 9.Lameness Usually caused by lack of vitamin C


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