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"Puppy Love"

'Hapi Here'

I was a littermate of 5, I was the runt so I wasn't getting as much food as I needed. One day this lady and a huge slobbering thing stumbled across our nest in Potter Co. while they were out running the woods. She noticed that I wasn't getting my share so she gathered me up, took me to the vet and then took me to a warm cozy place and hand bottle fed me. This is my human Mom and she calls me 'Hapi'. Well I needed something warm and furry to snuggle with and the slobbery thing didn't seem to mind (found out it's name is Heidi), so now we're best bud's. She needs some lessons in cleaning though so we go thru this ritual everyday, I show her how to clean all over her face and she just lays there drooling and sighing. I think she enjoys this too much and doesn't want to learn to do this herself (but thats OK, I enjoy it too)!



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