These are our babies and we love them!
These cats were bred and raised with a LOT of Love.
All the cats pictured here are of the Cornish Rex breed.

Click on the smaller images to see a larger image.

Here are our boys: Flash, Utley Too, and Bracken.

This is Bracken.

This is Utley Too.

This is Flash.

Here are our girls: Diamond Ice and Diamond in the Skye. (Skye has new people, but we still love her).

Here is a lovely group shot of Bracken, Utley Too,
and their sisters Betty Boopsie, Brianna, and Brittany.

This is Ever Sentimental over U.

This is Fraukie Avalon (who has new people now, though we love him still!).

This is Elizabeth.

This is Banzaibabies Utley.

Are you interested in having a Cornish Rex as a permanent
member of your household? If so, feel free to contact us at

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