"Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are."
-Alfred Austin 1835 - 1913

NormGnome's Garden

Hello. I'm NormGnome, and this is my Garden. Feel free to look around. Make yourself at home.

Like any other garden, my Garden will be changing constantly, so please check back regularly. Most of the changes will be small, but occasionally I might need to "replant" certain areas as the need develops.

One of my Garden Friends expressed some impatience at the pace at which my Garden is growing. All I can say is "Be Patient".

One of the virtues of gardening is that it teaches patience. There is no such thing as an "instant" garden. Rather, it is a matter of everything in its own time. Just as in a real garden the progression is from sowing the seeds in the ground, to the emerging seedlings, through the budding stage, and finally to the resplendent blossoming, so will my Garden progress through various stages.

And so I now prepare the "ground" before sowing the "seeds" that will grow and develop into the lush Garden of my mind. I will, together with the help of my Friends, carefully tend and nurture the emerging "seedlings". Eventually the Garden will come into its own, in whatever manner it chooses. As the Keeper of the Garden, I will weed and prune, and guide the development of my Garden.

In the weeks to come I plan to cover the following: