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Janet And Clints Wedding Day - 1962
"I Look At This Beautiful Picture Every Day On My Desktop!"

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"Clint's Bio"

My name is Clinton, I prefer to be called "Clint" at work. I prefer to be called "Clinton" by my family and friends. I am known as "WorldWalker". My wife's name is Janet, she is known as "Cherokee Star". My Mother-By-Law's name is Marie and we have a cat named "Ashes", we brought her home from the local Humane Society many years ago. (Our Beloved "Ashes" Died August 4, 2007.) We now, (July 2005), have "Mama Cat" and "JR. Cat"; (they were strays), "JR Cat" is a diabetic. He gets two insulin shots a day. ("Mama Cat" And "JR Cat" Made "Ashes" Passing A Whole Lot Easier!) I am a Capricorn, and use the Capricorn symbol a great deal on correspondence, memos, notes, etc. I am a Rosicrucian (AMORC) 39+ years. I have been a Genealogist 29+ years. I LOVE WALKING and RACE WALKING, Genealogy, Snow Skiing, my Computer and Communicating with my Family and Friends. My Motto is: "Live Life One Mile At A Time, WALK!" My mascot is "Kokopelli", I have his Kachina. (See Bottom Of The "Las Vegas" Page For His Picture) I like Psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Carl Jung, et al. ALL The OLD Philosophers!! Phythagoras, Heraclitus, Democritus, Aristoteles, Empedoctles, Plato, Socrates! I also like Sir Francis Bacon; I would like to understand his "ciphers". I like his "Atlantis"! I like Kahlil Gibran's writings very much. (I think Edgar Allen Poe would have been a great philosopher had he lived!) I Respect and Admire the Physicist, Stephen Hawking! (The Greatest Since Einstein!) I am interested in and fascinated by, White Dwarfs, Quasars, Red Giants, Black Holes, Anti-Matter, Neutrinos, The Big Bang, etc., etc. Enough already, right! : ) LOL, LOLROTF, LOLROTFPIMP.

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September 29, 2000... French Lick, IN

Janet and Marie have always wanted to ride a train, I had the opportunity to take them on a short train ride at French Lick, IN. It was Fun! Didn't Larry Bird work on that little railroad when he was a young man? No, I think he worked on a garbage truck!

I Think They Will Start On A "New Casino" Here Sometime In 2005; Donald Trump, "The Donald", Will Be Building It. "Shades Of The 1930's And 1940's", When This Place Was Going "Gangbusters". Literally Sometimes; I Hear Al Capone Was A Guest Sometimes. The President Of The United States Was Here, Joe Louis Trained Here; What A Place It Must Have Been! Private Railroad Cars And Taxi Cabs Lined Up For Miles!

I have heard "Bankruptcy" rumors about Donald Trump; and I think they are true! Donald Trump uses bankruptcy like we use a checking account. It could just be "part of the plan"! I KNEW they should have picked Larry Bird's group to do the Casino! I think Larry Bird's group will still take the job, should Donald Trump fall through. I think Trump has until 2006; they should have required him to do "something" immediately, to show good faith!

(We Now Have A Casino, (Nov. 2006); NO Thanks To Donald Trump!

The Louisville Fast Draw Club

Our Beloved Friends:(About 1968) Fred, Chuck, (Yes, That Is Me), Rita and Margaret.

Missing Are Carl And Betty.

Janet Took The Picture, She Was Not Into "Fast Draw", But She Always Went With Us.

It Was ALWAYS "SuperGreat" When We Would Alternate Meeting At One Or The Other Of Our Houses Almost Every Weekend!

Janet And Clint At Ski Paoli Peaks - 1998

That Is Not All Her Hair; It Is A Shadow On The Wall.

Chris Just Loves To Ride Clint's New ELAN SCX "Shape" Skis! (I Gave The Skis And A NEW Pair Of Boots To Chris 12/25/2003.)

What A "SuperGreat" Day Skiing! Am I On An Edge, Or What!

Yes, I Came Down Off That Hill! We Call It "THE WALL" And/Or "Mount Felix". (I Missed "Mount Felix" In 2003/2004: I Suppose "They" Do Not Care To Have It Anymore; Now That Felix Is Not There!)!

Photo By "Keegan"

Jason Snowboarding Silhouette

Looks Like A Picture For The Brochure Next Year!

How About A 2' X 3' Poster For The Break Room!

There He Is! I Knew He Would Show Up Sooner Or Later! It Must Have Been A Little Cold Out There; Jason Has Ice In His Beard! It Looks Like He Might Have Someone Watching Over Him, (His Left Shoulder), Janet Might Have Something To Do With That.

Jason "Wallsy" Kicking Up Some Snow. This Is Not Quite The Picture That Is On The 2004/2005 Brochure; But It Is Close. In Any Case, You Are Going To Be A Major Celebrity This Season! I Can Hear All The Young Females, And Maybe Not So Young, Yelling For "Wallsy"! : )

Hey Jason, I just saw Keegan at Wal*Mart, he said you broke your shoulder in a "CRASH" with another boarder. When you are doing figure eights, you are not in a Demolition Derby. I Wish You Well!!!


Sherri                              Chris

Mandy And Holly

The Best Department, The Best Crew, Clint's Crew!

Steve, Thank You For All Your Help These Past Few Years! Maybe We Can Go Skiing Together Sometime. I Hope You Get Great Use Out Of That Jacket; I Sure Did!

I Trade Sweat For Strength! I Trade Sleep For Sunrises! I Trade Doubt For Knowledge! I Trade My WALKING For Nothing!!!!!___WorldWalker

Best 5K Time...(1998)...Mitchell, Indiana "Persimmon Festival"...33 Minutes, 58 Seconds. I Came In 1st Place Overall In The Walking/RaceWalking Category; And Several Other Times As Well.


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" YES! FEST 2000" A "RAVE" At Ski Paoli Peaks (P.L.U.R.R.)

NASHVILLE, Embassy Suites Hotel, October,7-8-9-10-11,1999. What A "SuperGreat" Time!!!

Clint In Las Vegas. Doing A Little Fantasizing!

The CAROUSEL: Skiing Trip April 1999; Enjoying The House We Rented

SAYINGS, Philosophical, Mystical And Common Sense

The Whirling CUBE (Timberline/Canaan Valley, WV Ski Trip April 1999)

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