Biblical Research:


Santa Biblia Txt Descargable (en Castellano).

La Biblia Declara Que Los Muertos Duermen Hasta Que Cristo Venga Por Segunda Vez (en Castellano).

The Conception of Jesus Christ, Genetic and Molecular Insights by Patricia T. Talley, A. C. Custance and V. P. Wierwille.

The Last Words of Jesus Christ Before His Ascent to Heaven: "Make Disciples of All Nations IN MY NAME".

Christ in US is the RESTRAINER of the Antichrist on earth.


Insights on evil spirits and its deceiving devices, by Bacon, Gasson, Hislop, Wierwille, etc.

Origins of Modern Spiritualism, by Kenneth Petty, 1981.

Quotations of E. W. Bullinger regarding “evolution” AND the so-called science (with a statement of Thomas A. Edison included).

Bullinger regarding "the Nephilim" in the Book of Numbers.

Bullinger, Smith, van Someren and Bacon regarding the Nephilim


Nephilim in the book “Great Cloud of Witnesses in Hebrews Eleven”, and in other studies.


Welch regarding Fallen Angels, Amorites, Book of Job, Tares vs. Wheat and Allen with God’s Kingdom

“THE SPIRITS IN PRISON” (1 Peter 3:19), appendix and fragments of the booklet by Bullinger.

Fragments of: Sons of God/Daughters of Men, by Boyce.


The Nephilim, or "Giants" of Genesis 6 and more notes, appendix of the Companion Bible, by Bullinger


The forgery of Matthew 27:52b and 53 (with an important note).


Some Dictionary words related with the Canaanites and it’s relatives before and after Joshua


Michael S. Heiser (PhD candidate, Department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison) dealing with The Lie and the lies of Secharia Zitchin.

Online Books: Maitland's essay VI: "Fallen Angels" (1850); Pember's "The Days of Noah" (1875, reprint, 1975); Fleming's "Fallen Angels" (1879, see chapters 3 and 4, and the notes. Regular quality of the scanning)

The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, Patrick C. Heron. Xulon Press. November, 2004. 220 p. [Audio mp3, 59:34 min, 24,434 KB, an interview with Kathleen Keating]

Comments of the previous book at

Comments of the previous book at


Comentario en español acerca de Angeles Caídos y Gigantes en Tierra Santa, por el Rabí Menajem M. Schneerson. Also in English a fragment from “The Genesis Record”, 1976, H. Morris, etc.


                    Interface of Biblical and Scientific Research:   

In Spanish: Nuestros estudios "Explorando la Posibilidad de la Existencia de Nuevas Razas de Apariencia Humana":


Neanderthal = Nephilim?, by Denton (1996), go to his website for updates.


Using the Carbon dating clock (C14), by Denton (1996), go to his website for updates.

En español: Canaan y los pueblos Mesoamericanos.

Nuestros estudios "Sobre el Agua en Marte" y en la Luna.


Scientific Research:


Recent reports of Neanderthal and more data


More Neandertal Insights


Neandertals and Humans Were Living Side by Side.


Neanderthal Review.


Once Were Cannibals, Tim D. White (Scientific American, August, 2001, pages 58-65)

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