Journal of the Grupp Arkeologiku Malti


The first issue of the Oracle (the journal of the Grupp Arkeologiku Malti) is in press.

It includes three main articles, description of a number of new finds and useful information on the group, internet archaeology and papers written in 1999.

The Oracle 
Journal of the Grupp Arkeologiku Malti 


Issue 1 (2000) 

Editorial                                                                                      1

The Anthropomorphology of Classical
 Skulls from Malta
C.  Savona Ventura, A. Mifsud, V. Camilleri                         3

Original Articles
A Carved Model of a Niche from Tarxien
Temples Reconsidered
J.L. Cilia                                                                                      11

Conservation Issues
An Orante that praises no more: a case for
endangered archaeological sites
A.  Bugeja                                                                                  23

Searching the Internet for Maltese Archaeology               28
Articles of Archaeological Interest                                       30
Grupp Arkeologiku Malti                                                        33

A particular silo-pit at il-Qolla                                                 35
Cart-Ruts at Monopoli                                                             37
Floor Tomb at il-Wied ta’ Kandja                                           38

Rediscovering Forgotten Sites
A Megalithic Site at Iklin                                                           39

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