Grupp Arkeologiku Malti

The Group

The Grupp Arkeologiku Malti (Archaeology Group of Malta) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation with an aim to contribute, educate and foster knowledge on the archaeological heritage of the Maltese Islands.


Founded in the eighties by the Ministry of Education, the Group was instrumental in the recognition and excavation of the catacombs at Tar-Raghad and excavation of the Punic Tombs at Santa Margherita in Mosta.
After 1987, the group activities were redirected towards the provision of information to the general public. In fact the group distinguishes itself as the organisation that regularly visits the remote and less known archaeological sites on the islands.


A walk organised by the group along the Victoria Lines( remains of British Military Architecture ) in 1996, was attended by over 70 people and can be considered as one of the first heritage walk along this trail. Over the past five years the group has visited a number of important but little known sites. Various walks and tours have taken us to the Xemxija and Tal-Qadi Temples, the Punic Sanctuary at Ras il-Wardija and the dolmen at Ta' Hlantun .

The Medieval Cave settlements at Ghar San Pietru and Ghar San Brinkaw, the bronze age settlements of Il-Qolla and Qala together with a number of other sites will be visited during the activities organised for 1999. If you have never found or heard of one of these interesting sites, you are most welcome to attend the activities!

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