Journal of the Grupp Arkeologiku Malti


The second issue of the Oracle (the journal of the Grupp Arkeologiku Malti) is in press.

It includes four main articles, a contribution on archaeological works in Mdina and useful information on the group and articles written in the years 2000 - 2001.

The Oracle
Journal of the Grupp Arkeologiku Malti


Issue 2 (2001) 

Editorial                                                                                      1

The Latmija Troglodytic settlement
K. Buhagiar                                                                                  3

Excavations at Mdina
K. Stroud                                                                                      10

Investigating historical traffic routes and cart-ruts
in Switzerland, Elsass (France) and Aosta Valley (Italy)
G. Schneider                                                                                 12

Methods of date assignments for cart-ruts in the Maltese
Islands: Discussing relationships with Bronze Age settlements
A.  Bugeja                                                                                     23

The Tal-Qadi Stone: A Moon Calendar or Star Map
C. Micallef                                                                                     36

A Note on the Interpretations of the Iconography
at Hal Resqun Palaeochristian Hypogeum, Gudja
J.L. Cilia                                                                                        45

A preliminary assessment of the Wignacourt
Museum Hypogeum I at Rabat, Malta
A. Bugeja and J.L. Cilia                                                                 49

The O.T.S. Foundation                                                                  62

Publications of Archaeological Interest                                            63

Grupp Arkeologiku Malti 2000 - 2001                                           67

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