Welcome to Jim and Elizabeth's Brown House

Jim is a retired person from both the United States Air Force and a major aerospace and defense contractor (Rockwell International). He likes making wood chips, photography, and tinkering with old sewing machines..

Elizabeth worked in desktop publishing. She enjoys working with wool, cotton, flax and bits of string. She knits, weaves and collects fiber processing equipment like spinning wheels and looms.

Their home base is now in Mason County, West Virginia. They spend their time traveling and do some volunteer work. They like photography and the pictures on these pages are theirs.

They have been doing genealogical research for a number of years and their ancestor's information can be found on this site.

The Brown House

We took this image with our Nikon 990 digital camera by placing it on the ground among fallen maple leaves

Their long-range goal is to build a fiber arts museum and for several years have been shopping in antique stores and flea markets for items of interest. We can be contacted at the e-mail address below.

Updated September 9, 2009