my words got lost
while I was thinking
my brain took a long long walk
I still dont know where my feelings went
Empty shoes
might bring me back
to where
someone will be waiting
carrying a big backpack
full of all those lost
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hammering hammering
like money clicking on a table

hammering hammering
like blessings thrown into crowd

hammering hammering
like unfinished work

hammering hammering
like how much

hammering hammering
like goodwill brain
to the poor


a glass
a day
is enough

Mount St.Helens

Once a mountain puffed
ashes into air
and a fire tongue
swallowed trees
grown there

Once a river rumored
heavy in its bed
and its boiling water
never became wet

Once a morning woke up
blinded by a light
given trough a mountain
with an inside fight

Once a fire dragon
spit on all that land
covered deer and flowers
with his burning hand

Now there's sun all over
and a sharp wind blows
moving rocks are talking
about this burning ghost

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