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The top eight leagues to challenge an established professional league

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World Series
Super Bowl
NBA Finals
Stanley Cup
Arena Bowl

The NFL Championship
Stanley Cup-Challenge Years

All Sports Championships

EUEFA Champions League
Copa Libertadores
European-South American Cup


Japan Series
Grey Cup

Mexican Football Championship
Negro League World Series

The Great Pennant Chase
The Great Pennant Chase (Japan)

Gentleman's Grand Slam
Ladies Grand Slam
The Masters Championship
The United States Open
Other Sports
Triple Crown
Tour de France

North American Leagues

International Leagues

The Big Four:
National Hockey League (1917-present)
National Football League (1920-present)
National Basketball Association (1946-present)
Major League Baseball (2000-present)


Other Major Leagues:
Canadian Football League (1958-present)
Arena Football League (1987-present)
National Lacrosse League (1987-present)
Mexican Football Apertura (1995-present)
Mexican Football Clausura (1996-present)
Major League Soccer (1996-present)
Women's National Basketball Association (1997-present)
National Women's Hockey League (1999-present)
Women's Professional Football League (2000-present)
Major League Lacrosse (2001-present)
Major Indoor Soccer League (2001-present)
National Women's Football Association (2001-present)
Independant Women's Football League (2002-present)
National Pro Fastpitch (2004-present)

English Premiership (1992-present)
German Bundesliga (1963-present)
Italian Serie A (1930-present)
Spanish Premier Legia (1928-present)
Argentina Apertura (1990-present)
Argentina Clausara (1991-present)
Japanese Central League (1950-present)
Japanese Pacific League (1950-present)
Australian Football:
Australian Football League (1898-present)
Rugby League:
National Rugby League (AUS) (1998-present))
Super League (Europe) (1996-present)
Rugby Union:
Super 12 (NZ/AUS/SA) (1996-present)
Zurich Premiership (UK) (1997-present)
Water Polo:
National Water Polo League (AUS) (1990-present)
National Water Polo League-Womens (AUS) (2004-present)
American Football:
National Football League Europe (1992-present)

Defunct North American Major Leagues

Defunct International Major Leagues

National League of Professional Baseball (1876-1999)
American League of Professional Baseball (1901-1999)
Negro American League (1937-1950)
Negro National League (1933-1948)
Negro Southern League (1932)
American Negro League (1929)
Negro National League (1920-1931)
Eastern Colored League (1923-1928)
Federal League (1914-1915)
American Association of Professional Baseball (1882-1891)
Player's League (1890)
Union Association of Professional Baseball (1884)
National Association of Professional Baseball (1871-1875)
United States Football League (1983-1986)
World Football League (1974-1975)
American Football League (1960-1969)
Interprovincal Rugby Football Union (1907-1957)
Western Interprovincal Rugby Football Union (1936-1957)
All America Football Conference (1946-1949)
American Football League (1940-1941)
American Football League (1936-1937)
American Football League (1926)
Roller Hockey International (1993-1999)
World Hockey Association (1972-1979)
Western Hockey League (1921-1928)
Pacific Coast Hockey Association (1911-1924)
National Hockey Association (1909-1917)
Maritime Professional Hockey League (1910-1915)
Ontario Professional Hockey League (1907-1911)
Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (1893-1909)
Manitoba Professional Hockey League (1907-1909)
Federal Amateur Hockey League (1904-1906)
American Basketball Association (1967-1976)
American Basketball League (1961-1962)
National Basketball League (1937-1949)
American Basketball League (1925-1931)
North American Soccer League (1968-1984)
National Professional Soccer League (1967)
United States Soccer Association (1967)
Mexican Football Primera Division (1950-1995)
Mexican Football Liga Mayor (1943-1950)
American Soccer League (1921-1931)
American League of Association Football (1894)
Indoor Soccer:
World Indoor Soccer League (1998-2001)
National Professional Soccer League (1984-2001)
Continential Indoor Soccer League (1993-1997)
Major Indoor Soccer League (1978-1992)
North American Soccer League Indoor Season (1979-84)
North American Soccer League Indoor Tournament (1975-1976)
National Lacrosse League (1974-1975)
Eastern Professional Lacrosse League (1969)
National Lacrosse Association (1968)
United Professional Softball League (1981-1982)
North American Softball League (1980)
American Professional Slow Pitch League (1977-1980)
Tennis (coed):
World Team Tennis (1974-1978)
Volleyball (coed)
International Volleyball Association (1975-1979)

U.S. Pro Cricket (2004)

English Division 1 (1888-1992)
Japanese Baseball League (1937-1945)
Rugby League:
Rugby Super League (AUS) (1997)
Australian Rugby League (AUS) (1908-1997)

Defunct North American Women's Leagues

All American Girls Professional Baseball League (1943-1954)
American Basketball League (1996-1998)
Womens Basketball Associatoin (1993-1995)
Women's American Basketball Association (1984)
Women's Basketball League (1978-1981)
Women's Professional Softball League (1997-2001)
International Women's Professional Softball Association (1976-1980)
Women's United Soccer Association (2001-2003)
United States Volleyball League (2002)
National Volleyball Association (1996-1998)
Professional Volleyball League (1996-1997)
Major League Volleyball (1987-1989)
International Volleyball Association (coed) (1975-1979)
Tennis (co-ed):
World Team Tennis (1974-1978)
Women's Football Association (2002-2003)
American Football Women's League (2002)
Women's Affiliated Football Conference (2002)
Women's Spring Football League (2002)
Women's American Football League (2001)

Defunct North American Minor Leagues

XFL (2001)
International Hockey League (1945-2001)

~Sports City of the Decade~
A statistical formula to determine which North American city had the best professional team sports accomplishments over the course of the decade.
1980-1989 (Coming Soon!)
2000-2009 (Current Standings Coming Soon!)

The way we were
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Major League Sports Almanac

Major League Sports History from around the World