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Southern Alternative Agriculture Network

Welcome to SAAN

August 1 1999

The somewhat irregular

SAAN Activities

The Chiang Mai Demonstration

On May 18-19 1999 a group of hilltribespeople were forcefully evicted from a peaceful demonstration they were conducting; the media had very little to say about it. We give a couple of reports here.

The Anchovy Blockade


The GMO Issues get some attention...

Rural life and Thai society

New Features, Special Reports, whatever's left...

When you leave here....

Next Update: sooooooooon

Nation web


1. SAANTI-DHARMA, the philosophy of SAAN, closely tied to the values and beliefs of Buddhism - fostering a strong, peaceful, self-reliant community; also see our collection of articles by noted Buddhist scholar-activist Sulak Sivaraksa for more on Buddhist society in modern Thailand.

2. What is Alternative Agriculture anyway? We try to explain it here, for those who might be curious.

3. SAAN networks with many other similar groups in Thailand and around the world, in support of sustainable agriculture and development.

4. Thai Life and Advocacy Features gathers various features of longer-term interest from the Saanti-Dharma newsletter and other sources.

Newsletter Archives

May peace be with you all

For more information about SAAN, you can write to:
Southern Alternative Agriculture Network
1/2 Moo 2, Tambon Tung Nui, Amphur Kuan KaLong
Satun 91130, Thailand
or email SAAN at

We are constantly trying to improve these pages to be of the most use to those groups and individuals in Thailand and around the world who promote alternative agriculture. If you have any comments about this site, or suggestions or questions, please contact the SAAN Novice Sitemaster.

Action Without Borders is a nonprofit organization that promotes the sharing of ideas, information and Idealist logo resources to help build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives. They maintain a website they call Idealist which is a very comprehensive directory of nonprofit and volunteering resources on the Web. They also have a biweekly newsletter full of useful info. One of the good guys.

The Campaign for Food Safety is a public interest organization dedicated to building a healthy, safe, and sustainable system of food production and consumption.

Billions of people in the world's poorest countries are enslaved by debt. Debts run up by governments on their behalf. DebtsJubilee 2000 logo which started as easy credit pushed by rich lenders. Debts which the poor will never be able to repay Debts which enrich lenders, but leave children malnourished, while families live in desperate poverty. Jubilee 2000 believes the time has come to do something about it. Our aim is to celebrate the new millennium by lifting the burden of unpayable debt from the poorest countries. We have produced a clear, workable Jubilee Proposal calling for a one-off cancellation by the year 2000 of the backlog of unpayable debt owed by the world's poorest countries under a fair and transparent process.

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page last updated August 3 1999