Introduction 1 - Chin's Nature Corner
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Chin’s Nature Corner

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Why I call this website my nature corner

The Royal Assyrian (Terinos terpander robertsia) Copyright © Chin Fah Shin WHEN I was in primary school (the first six years of formal education in Malaysia), we had a nature corner. This was a school desk or two placed in a corner of the classroom and on which we displayed items that we had found... things like snail shells or seashells, dead insects, nests that had fallen off trees, even bird feathers, flowers and seeds, etc. We pupils maintained the nature corner... with lots of help from Teacher of course.

For many of us at that time, this rather random collection of bits and pieces of nature was our introduction to the world of nature. We enjoyed learning about the things that we had found. It kindled in our young minds a curiosity about the living things in our world. In my case, I believe it was this nature corner that had planted the seed of an enduring love for nature. Now, after nearly five decades, I am still just as keen to learn about nature as when I was tending to my classroom nature corner.

RainForest Featured Page This is my nature corner on the World Wide Web where I show pictures of the creatures (and plants) that I have randomly discovered and photographed. I have constructed this site to share the delights of nature with others in the Internet community, the nature lovers in particular, and to showcase a very small portion of Malaysia’s living treasures. You could say that this is the hi-tech incarnation of the classroom nature corner of my childhood years.

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