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Personal Research by Artprice Whenever you need to go beyond the artwork details and price, get Artprice’s editorial service to search for you in its catalogues library!

Artprice holds archives containing more than 270,000 auction sale catalogues from 1700 to the present day and are offered to enable you to benefit from this documentary resource, the only one of its kind in the world.

If a work is reproduced in a sale catalogue, Artprice can provide you, on a personal and private basis, in the context of a catalogued public sale, with a reproduction of the work together with the list of artists included in the same public sale.

The PERSONAL RESEARCH report will be emailed to you within 2 working days after payment is received.

How to... Upon display of the lot details, you can easily order a Personal Research (as far as it is reproduced in the sale catalogue) for lots marked with the PERSONAL RESEARCH.

When you order a PERSONAL RESEARCH, a researcher from our editorial department will search the Artprice archives to find the sale catalogue for the work sought and scan the corresponding contextual elements and images for you, thus enabling you to reconstruct the context in which the work was presented.

A PERSONAL RESEARCH report gives you visual and additional information about a work. These details, to the extent that they are given in the catalo-gue, are the following:
  • A series of reproductions (images in jpeg format)
    – A reproduction of the catalogue cover, sale theme
    – A reproduction of the catalogue flyleaf
    – A reproduction of the page of the catalogue on which the work sought appears
    – An enlargement of the reproduction of the work
  • The list of other artists listed on Artprice included in this sale
Artprice cannot guarantee comprehensiveness of information such as the list of artists included in the sale catalogue, especially related to decorative arts not covered by Artprice data banks.

Artprice hopes that this new documentation service will match your needs. – © artprice.com™

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   about artprice.com™

The art market becomes transparent...

Artprice owns and exploits the world’s largest data bank of fine art auction records (covering the categories: paintings, prints-posters, drawings, miniatures, sculptures-installations, photo-graphy, tapestry) with 4 million auction entries since 1700.

Through its main website www.artprice.com and 900 other owned web addresses, artprice benefits from a position of world leader, reinforced by an industrial process of information-collecting, exhaustive art market intelligence, data processing and value-adding to almost every art auction from over 2,900 auction houses in 40 countries.

Artprice has bought the main international price-reference works used on the art market, as well as the Swiss company Xylogic (1985) – an IT services specialist in the generation of econometric indices for the art market. It has also recently made a series of strategic acquisitions:
  • Sound View Press (USA): publishing house of 15 respected reference works on American art, founded in 1975. Publications include Peter Hastings Falk’s classic “Who was Who in American Art”.
  • Caplan Monograms and Signatures (USA), world standard reference work, 1976.
  • A unique archive of reference works covering the art of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, including H. Mireur’s seven-volume “Dictionary of Art Sales”.
  • Editions Van Wilder (French publishing house): 12 reference works on the art market, compiled in 1970.
  • “Argus du Livre de Collection” (France), auction price annual on rare books first published in 1982.
  • The Bayer (USA) data bank covering art auctions in the English-speaking world from 1700-1913.
Thanks to its expertise in art market data banks and the wide range of information supply media, from books to IT (CD-ROM, Internet, Teletel and RTC), the Artprice group, now organized in nine specialized departments, can offer a unique reference library on the art market.

Artprice, is a company of the group Server and is floated since January 2000 on Paris Euronext Nouveau Marché under listing code 7478. – © artprice.com™

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artprice.com™ – the world leader in art market information

Artprice reference data banks on the art market cover 306,000 artists from the 4th Century to the present time. Everyday at Artprice, the art auctions covering 2,900 auction houses worldwide are collected, processed and analyzed.

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