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Index of Persons

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Wagner, Jerome
Wagner, Julius
Walker, Bert
Walker, Craig
Walker, Ezell James
Walker, Kevin
Walker, Male
Walker, Richard
Walker, Stanley Ezell
Wallach, Doris Paula
Wallach, Helmut Leopold
Wallach, Ivan
Wallach, Karl (27 JAN 1866-24 OCT 1935)
Wallach, Marianne Helene
Wallen, David (ABT. 1906-NOV 1979)
Wallen, Joellyn Anita
Wallen, Kevin Daniel
Wallen, Miriam
Wallen, William
Walther, Albert (20 JAN 1885-AUG 1966)
Walther, Alex
Walther, Dorothy
Walther, Elinore
Walther, Geraldine
Walther, Julius (2 FEB 1894-2 JUN 1972)
Walther, Milton
Walther, Norman
Walther, Richard
Walther, Robert
Walther, William
Ward, Al
Ward, Dana
Ward, Michael
Wardell, Boy
Wardell, Dorothy
Wardell, Richard
Wardell, Robert Norman
Warner-Loewenthal, Joanne
Wasman, Esther
Wasserman, Hanni
Wasserman, Lew
Wayne, Arthur
Wayne, Frances
Wayne, John
Wayne, Samuel (-DECEASED)
Wayne, Stephen
Weber, Aaron Benjamin
Weber, Alan Michael (Mike)
Weber, Albert Louis (30 MAR 1905-6 OCT 1996)
Weber, Allan Clark
Weber, Anna Helen
Weber, Ari Yitzak
Weber, Arlene
Weber, Aviva Zahava
Weber, Barbara Ellen
Weber, Benjamin F. (1869-)
Weber, Benjamin Samuel (20 AUG 1877-14 MAY 1973)
Weber, Carol
Weber, Charney
Weber, Dana Ellyn
Weber, Daniel Nelson
Weber, David Byrd (3 OCT 1908-10 JUN 1991)
Weber, David Hubert
Weber, David M.
Weber, Deborah Rachel
Weber, Edith
Weber, Eileen Marcia
Weber, Eliana Chana
Weber, Elizabeth Brooke
Weber, Erma E.
Weber, Evan Michael
Weber, Fannie (1865-)
Weber, Frank (12 JUN 1910-12 NOV 1990)
Weber, Fredric Charles
Weber, Gayle
Weber, Harold (24 FEB 1902-1 JAN 1983)
Weber, Harry
Weber, Helen
Weber, Herman (1842-)
Weber, Jacob
Weber, Jerold Charles
Weber, Joel Simon
Weber, Johanna
Weber, Loren B.
Weber, Louis L. (7 NOV 1875-)
Weber, Madeline Rebecca
Weber, Marcia
Weber, Martha Terrey
Weber, Maurice
Weber, Max (28 SEP 1906-8 SEP 1980)
Weber, Meyer Michael
Weber, Neil Isaac
Weber, Oscar F. (2 DEC 1885-4 SEP 1907)
Weber, Ralph E.
Weber, Rebecca Hessel
Weber, Rosalie
Weber, Rose (2 APRIL 1867-FEB 1953)
Weber, Samuel S. (27 JAN 1866-16 SEP 1923)
Weber, Sandra
Weber, Sheryl Ann
Weber, Susan Wendy
Weber, Wendy
Weber, William Robert
Weckstein, Amy
Weckstein, Jeff
Weckstein, Jill
Weckstein, Lou
Weider, David
Weijel, Rebekka
Weil, Alice Elizabeth
Weil, Andres Fernando
Weil, Andrew Jacob
Weil, Carol
Weil, Cathy
Weil, Clarissa (27 SEP 1888-30 JUN 1971)
Weil, Donald
Weil, Dr. Julio Jose (17 JULY 1901-15 SEP 1965)
Weil, Fanny Felicitas (10 AUG 1889-17 OCT 1983)
Weil, Ferdinand (12 SEP 1871-6 APR 1905)
Weil, Fredy
Weil, Isidore (25 JUN 1859-7 JUN 1931)
Weil, Johanna (27 OCT 1875-MAY 1943)
Weil, Juan
Weil, Marge
Weil, Marsha
Weil, Mathieu (21 AUG 1894-20 AUG 1972)
Weil, Meyer (27 FEB 1849-2 JUN 1934)
Weil, Michael Robert
Weil, Michael Robert
Weil, Nadine
Weil, Oliver Jacob
Weil, Pablo
Weil, Patricia
Weil, Raymond (-CIR 1963)
Weil, Robert (7 OCT 1912-CIR 1962)
Weil, Robert Harry
Weil, Sophia (EST BET 1859 AN-)
Weil, Stephane
Weinberg(er), William Henry (10 MAY 1870-14 APR 1930)
Weinberg, Brian Michael
Weinberg, Edward
Weinberg, Ethel
Weinberg, Isadore (Jack) (25 MAR 1894-6 OCT 1978)
Weinberg, K„te (1858-1932)
Weinberg, Loretta
Weinberg, Lorie
Weinberg, Matilda (Lois) (20 JUN 1895-UNKNOWN)
Weinberg, Neil
Weinberg, Ruth (16 NOV 1897-15 AUG 1979)
Weinberg, Sadie (ABT. 1884-22 JUN 1962)
Weinberg, Stacey Elizabeth
Weinberger, Beatrice (MAR 1917-ABT. 8 AUG 1992)
Weinberger, Charles (18 JUN 1878-19 OCT 1974)
Weinberger, Clement
Weinberger, Edward Schoenberger
Weinberger, Ethel
Weinberger, Hannah (19 JUL 1882-BEF. 1965)
Weinberger, Hannah
Weinberger, Hattie Blanche (Bertha) (22 MAR 1875-22 MAR 1955)
Weinberger, Helen
Weinberger, Helen (Bunny) (10 NOV 1911-6 FEB 1974)
Weinberger, Henry Martin
Weinberger, Herman (DEC 1876-25 APR 1956)
Weinberger, Hilda
Weinberger, Israel Baer (ABT. 1850-15 MAY 1887)
Weinberger, Jenka (OCT 1884-19 SEP 1890)
Weinberger, Jonathan David
Weinberger, Karen Elizabeth (31 MAR 1979-29 APR 1979)
Weinberger, Lisa Anne
Weinberger, Mary (JUL 1868-21 JUN 1941)
Weinberger, Maurice X. C. (8 OCT 1880-31 JAN 1961)
Weinberger, Michael Benjamin
Weinberger, Miriam (22 APR 1903-8 DEC 1980)
Weinberger, Morris (Murray) Lobel
Weinberger, Moshe (ABT. 1869-ABT. 1880)
Weinberger, Philip Ronald
Weinberger, Phyllis
Weinberger, Robert Ira (1907-1907)
Weinberger, Robert Isadore
Weinberger, Rosalyn
Weinberger, Sheila Madaline
Weinberger, Thomas Jan
Weinberger, William (8 JUN 1909-29 FEB 1960)
Weiner, Eveline (9 MAY 1865-MAR 1942)
Weingarten, Hilde (10 APR 1911-1 APR 1954)
Weingarten, Jane
Weingarten, Louis (1873-22 FEB 1937)
Weinroth, Benjamin Zeev
Weinroth, Yael Miriam
Weinstein, Jacob (8 JUL 1849-4 APR 1908)
Weinsten, Arik
Weintraub, Benjamin
Weintraub, Cherie
Weintraub, Franklin
Weintraub, Jonathan
Weintraub, Marcel
Weintraub, Micah
Weintraub, William (1963-1996)
Weisenberger, August (31 OCT 1874-21 AUG 1921)
Weisenberger, Ruth
Weiss, Alyse
Weiss, Avital Vered
Weiss, Charles Bernhard
Weiss, Danielle
Weiss, Fanny (1 DEC 1844-30 APR 1906)
Weiss, Herbert
Weiss, Malvina
Weiss, Nettie (ABT 1868-16 DEC 1930)
Weiss, Ron Sivan
Weiss, Sadie (ABT. 1887-17 FEB 1967)
Weiss, Sally
Weiss, Stephanie
Weiss-Schafer, Henriette
Weissleder, Marlies
Weitz, Deborah
Welch, Marion (23 APR 19??-)
Wellhouse, Joanne
Wellhouse, Louis
Wenten, Alexander West
Wenten, Carl Wolfgang
Wenten, David (Weinstein)
Wenten, David Paul
Wenten, Lori Ellen
Wenten, Michelle Ann
Wenten, Robert Peter
Wenten, Samara West
Werner, Carl (21 FEB 1894-25 SEP 1916)
Werner, Elsa (27 JUN 1883-22 MAR 1961)
Werner, Helene Joyce
Werner, Henrietta (15 JAN 1882-20 MAR 1951)
Werner, Madeleine Judith
Werner, Max
Werner, Max (7 AUG 1849-1 OCT 1919)
Werner, Moritz (9 SEP 1888-27 APR 1966)
Werner, Moritz
Werner, Rosa (18 JAN 1885-21 OCT 1953)
Werth, Frank (26 APR 1918-2 DEC 1990)
Werth, Paul
Werth, Susan
Wertheim, Fradchen
Wertheim, Jettichen
Wertheimer, Hermine (23 APR 1869-21 FEB 1948)
Wertheimer, Paul (17 JAN 1872-21 NOV 1914)
Werther, Adam Joshua
Werther, Jeremy Michael
Werther, Jerome
Werther, Stephen Mark
West, Nathan
West, Randye Barbara
Weyel, Rebekka (EST BET 1795 AN-)
Weyland, Karel Josef (EST BET 1859 AN-)
Wheatley, Aaron
Wheatley, Scott
Whitaker, Tabitha
White, Winifred
Whitley, Sarah (1888-1956)
Whitman, David R.
Wider, Joram
Wider, Soli Seev
Wieder, Esther
Wien, Howard
Wiener, Abraham (EST BET 1857 AN-)
Wiener, Jacques Eddy (2 OCT 1917-1980)
Wieselberg, Erna (1898-1921)
Wiesenberg, Dr. Ephraim Jehuda
Wiesenberg, Ruth
Wiesenberger, Fannie
Wiesenock, Robert
Wieser, Sherwood M.
Wife, Robert's First
Wife, Robert's Second
Wijler, Abraham Levij (EST BET 1779 AN-)
Wijler, Rachel (14 FEB 1839-6 JUN 1911)
Wilburn, Jack L.
Windesheim, Else (-1940)
Winelander, Joan M.
Winngrain, Jennie
Wirtschafter, Bertha
Wise, Arthur (1901-APR 1989)
Wise, Elizabeth
Wise, Margorie
Wise, Nancy
Wise, Sara (27 OCT 1875-9 NOV 1960)
Wise, Victor
Wishnev, Dolores Bernice
Wittekind, Simon
Wittkind, Wilhelm
Wolaston, Adolph
Wolf, Adolph (1854-1931)
Wolf, Alexander James
Wolf, Anna
Wolf, Betty
Wolf, Charlotte (5 APR 1855-JAN 1934)
Wolf, Daniel Ernest
Wolf, Donald
Wolf, Edith
Wolf, Edward
Wolf, Etta (6 JUN 1870-)
Wolf, Florence
Wolf, Florence
Wolf, Fritz Ludwig (Fred L.) (23 OCT 1911-2 MAR 1980)
Wolf, Gertrude
Wolf, Hans Anton
Wolf, Hermina (20 APR 1872-29 APR 1878)
Wolf, Izaak (EST BET 1855 AN-)
Wolf, Jacob (20 DEC 1875-13 OCT 1953)
Wolf, Jacob H. (25 DEC 1868-9 MAY 1951)
Wolf, Jozina Jacoba (8 JAN 1915-15 JUN 1985)
Wolf, Katherine
Wolf, Kay Spanye (19 APR 1939-10 JUN 1992)
Wolf, Leopold (Ernst L.)
Wolf, Lillian
Wolf, Marie (Mary)
Wolf, Max
Wolf, Newton
Wolf, Patricia Spanye
Wolf, Peter David
Wolf, Philip (14 JUN 1876-28 OCT 1876)
Wolf, Rhoda (5 JAN 1904-26 AUG 1974)
Wolf, Rosetta "Setta"
Wolf, Saul "Abraham" (ABT 1831-3 APR 1880)
Wolf, Sylvia
Wolf, Wm. S. (b. Saul David)
Wolfe, Sidney
Wolff, Abraham
Wolff, Benjamin
Wolff, Gottfried (1875-)
Wolff, Hans Walter (6 DEC 1909-3 JUL 1968)
Wolff, Ilan Walter
Wolff, Lilly (20 JUL 1871-6 JUN 1940)
Wolff, Michael
Wolff, Nurit
Wolfheimer, Elizabeth
Woolman, Marcia
Workman, Elizabeth Jennifer
Wormser, Victor D.
Wreschner, Yanki
Wuertenberg, Margarete
Wuerzburg, Gertrud (6 JUN 1881-20 JAN 1941)
Xxx, Cheryl
Xxx, Karen
Xxx, Patricia
Yael, Channa
Yamasaki, Toyoko (17 SEP 1925-4 AUG 1960)
Yannone, Immaculata
Yardeni, Aharon (Feige)
Yardeni, Amnon
Yardeni, Palia
Yardeni, Tamar
Yishai, Avraham Shmuel
Yishai, Shimshon Akiva
Yishai, Shlomo Yitzhak Yossef
Zager, Debra
Zale, Michael (-NOV 1968)
Zamboni, Agustin (20 APR 1883-21 JUL 1969)
Zamboni, Elena Maria
Zeelander, Marianne
Zendijk, David Isra‰l
Zendijk, Henri‰tta Mariana (26 FEB 1888-2 JAN 1970)
Ziegelstein, Amalia (10 NOV 1867-2 SEP 1956)
Ziman, Amy Beth
Ziman, Charles Meyer
Ziman, David
Ziman, Frank Nathan
Ziman, Michael
Ziman, Saul
Zinman, Marjorie Pamela
Zinner, jacob
Zirkin, David L. (-18 JUL 1961)
Zirkin, Howard
Zirkin, Joel
Zirkin, Judith
Zirkin, Richard M.
Zucker, Charles



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