A Comrade's Journey to Iraq


Red & Black Notes introduction

The insurrection in Northern Iraq in the aftermath of the Gulf War is a little known incident in the history of the class struggle. The Western media portrayed the events as a rebellion by Kurdish nationalists and the leftist press was generally content to see the struggle in those terms, as part of the struggle for Kurdish self-determination. In fact, the reality was much more important and had little to do with the various Kurdish nationalist organisations which have sought to be imperialism's representatives in the region for decades.

This account published in this pamphlet first appeared in Communism #7 (April 1992), the English language review of the Internationalist Communist Group (the ICG also publishes material in a number of other languages ).

The article that follows describes a political journey: first into Iran, where events described eight years ago have an uncanny echo today. Then to Iraq and Kurdistan and a vivid account of workers' councils established at the end of the War. In addition to detailing the struggles in these councils, the article provides a chronology of the events which led up to them and , reports of political discussions in Kurdistan. In the appendices to this pamphlet, several leaflets and slogans used by the Shuras have been included.



A comrade's Journey to Iraq  


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