Red & Black Notes is also available in a print version. The newsletter is published three times a year in an eight page format. Each issue contains articles on current events, as well as historical reprints, theoretical pieces and a regular review column. Materials for review, as well as subscriptions, trades etc. may be sent to :

 POB 47643 , Don Mills, Ontario, M3C 3S7, Canada

Subscriptions to Red & Black Notes are

$5 for four issues. (North America)

$7 for four issues . (Outside North America)

For orders outside of Canada, please pay in US funds

Red & Black Notes also offers the following publications for sale. All have new introductions. Prices include postage.


Organization and Spontaneity (Pannekoek, Echanges) $3

"A Comrade's Journey to Iraq" (ICG) $4

Henri Simon "Some Thoughts About On-going Discussions in Ultra-Left Milieus $3

Seattle in Perspective (Loren Goldner, Chris Carlsson) $3

Gilles Dauve "The 'Renegade' Kautsky and his Disciple Lenin $3

Bruce Allen "Reengineering & The Harris Agenda" $2

Bruce Allen & TJ Baker "The Liverpool Dockers' Struggle" $3

Revolutionary Optimist - An Interview with Martin Glaberman $4


 Coming soon: Cajo Brendel and Joe Jacobs, and Ken Weller.


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