I was born a coal miners daughter.  Oh, wait a sec.  That's not me!!  Lemme think a sec..

Oh yeah, I remember now.


I was born in December 1966 in a hospital somewhere in the wastes of southern California (geez..I think the coal miner's daughter was a bit more interesting..ah well).  I had your usual ups and downs growing up, maybe more than normal, but that's life.  You learn, you grow up, you move on.  I have bunches and bunches of brothers.  Four at last count anyway.  Myriads of in-laws.  Hordes of nieces and nephews.  Scads of cousins, aunts and uncles.  And one "other-mother"!  My mum raised my brothers and myself on a shoestring budget, she oughta have a medal or something. 
Especially with the way my brothers behaved..sheesh.  I was a little angel of course.  Everyone would agree I'm sure.

I've worked in the mortgage loan industry since I was 17.  Started part time when still in high school.  Not that I grew up thinking that's what I wanted to be when I grew up (not that that'll ever happen!!).  But needing a job, not wanting to work fast food and having a mum in the industry..well..the rest is history.

Let's see..transferred to Texas in 1994 -  house market in California nose dived and it was that or start pushing a grocery cart dressed in rags. I don't regret the time in Texas, but I'm certainly glad I'm not there any more - hotter than Hades, humid as an armadillo's armpit, tree roaches the size of Volkswagens..gods..


I'd decided I'd had enough of Texas and was planning on moving to Seattle in early 2000.  Well..that got moved up a bit to December 1999.  If you wanna know why..click on
Chat..and after that..Love..

If you want to know more..also click on
Immigration - I'd do that after I read Love.  And after that..read Diabetes..gods..it goes on..and on..and on..and on..
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